Discover The Unique Formula That Will Transform Your Passion into Big Profit as a New Health Coach

Even If You Still Struggle With Your Own Goals or

Have No Clue About Social Media + Online Businesses

By 2022, the coaching industry market size was expected to reach a value of $20 billion (ICF Global Coaching). Which means the opportunity is everywhere and people can - 

Finally feel fulfilled in the work that you do

Make more income into your bank each month 

Flexibility to determine your own working hours 

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Global obesity is growing rapidly every year. Health coaching has the potential to profoundly impact the health of society. It goes beyond simply providing information and empowers clients to make sustainable and positive changes in their health. Let's look at health coaching data and why many people are choosing to pay for coaching 

Opportunity is everywhere in the online space. With the click of a few buttons you can reach millions of people, benefit them, coach them, make an income and not even leave your house. This is a game changer for how we work as women. More women want coached by real coaches and not fake social media influencers. Discover why this is an industry that you need to get in on now to reap the benefits

We will walk through a tried and tested business formula that can be replicated by business beginners to make at least £2000 as new health coach with a side business. Plus we will show real testimonials of women (just like you) that have implemented this formula and made over £4000 as a new coach with zero previous experience

A special exercise to help you determine if health coaching could even be for you. Have full clarity around if you would like to transform your own lifestyle, coach others improving their health while making more income 





Online health coaching is growing from strength to strength.


Anna is a Registered Associate Nutritionist and founder of The Weight Loss Academy. Over the past 9 years, the WLA has supported over +20,000 women around the world with healthy weight loss and helping them improve their overall well-being. 

Anna is most passionate about creating positive change in the weight loss industry, is making it her mission to educate women and believes in the power of evidence based nutrition that is simple. 

After building a business from nothing to generating over £1 million over the past year alone, Anna has a huge drive to pass her nutrition knowledge and business expertise to those that want to do the same.

“I don’t believe in holding onto success, I believe in collaboration, coming together to create powerful change in the world. Ultimately we are stronger together!”

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